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Bike day 2


It was another great day. We rode thru mostly rural area’s along the river. We stopped in Ottenschein and had desserts and saw a brewery. They were making beer but we couldn’t sample any as it was a holiday and they weren’t open. We arrived in Linz and found our Penzion was a block away from a beer and music festival!! What are the odds??  We’ve ridden about 63 mikes so far with a short day tomorrow . We make our way towards Enns with a long stop in Mauthausen to see the concentration camp.



Well we made it to Passau, quite the adventure!! Got to train station and found out we had bus ticket. Tried to find bus for 30 minutes and got to it just before it left. Then when we got to Nuremberg we had to walk to train station because last leg was ACTUALLY train ride… Passau is a great city on three rivers.  The Danube, Ilz, and Inns. We think our bikes got switched with another groups. Ed’s seemed way too tall and Jon’s shifter’s were kinda jacked up. All was good after our traditional few beers in Pint Nite!! We’re off to Aschach, check in later!!

For you Sun King fans, Marty has made it thus far unscathed was

Day 3 to Passau

Eventful. Woke to learn about Manchester. Makes us sad and angry.

Our day started about 6:00. We had a train to catch by 8:00 to get to Passau via Nurnberg, so we thought. Turned out our tickets were for the bus. After crisscrossing the station a few times and not getting much help due to the rush and poor language skills we were helped by a very nice bus driver. Silver liner is that the bus is very clean, not. crowded, and arrives earlier than the train. 🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

Prague day 1 & 2

  1. Yesterday and today. Phone pics from wondering Praha. The first ad we saw was in the airport for a beer festival. We didn’t make it to the fest but it was a nice sign. There was an escalator at the underground exit that was the biggest ever. Today we toured the castle, took a tram ride through the non-tourist areas of Prague. And walked about 20 miles altogether. Tomorrow we take a train to Passau.



Praha 1st full day

NSaw this billboard in airport advertising beer festival Went on early morning sightseeing walk to the Castle and residence of the President. Still slightly jet lagged. Luggage made it here 1030 last nite. Heading to local monastery for a pint in their beer garden. Nostrivia to all back home!! Took this gingerbread pic for  Barb.