We had a wonderful day in Vienna. It was warm and sunny. We went to 2 or 3 museums, as a group or solo. I saw 2, the Albertina, and the Leopold. I saw some amazing art but want aloud to take any photos….. They want to sell postcards in the gift shop…. We met David and eventually ended up at Scrappy’s. I brought out a “chilled” Marty and we split him between us all including the bartender, Shanda. It was the culmination of a long shook up trip for Marty, but he was a trooper and still tasted great!!  I insisted that Bruno take the bottle of New Glarus Belgian Red home to share with his wife. He reciprocated by bringing out two bottles of local Barley Wine for us all to split. Ed, Jon, and I ended up late nite at 7 Stern brewery for food and pints. We are off to Praha in the morning to finish up and catch our flight back to the states.

Prost to all!!

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