Bike day 6

Well we had a wonderful easy ride today. Went 27 miles and found ourselves on both sides of the river. It’s a good thing we left early as it will get to 90 today. We are going to an art exhibit as soon as Peter rally’s. The painter is Schiele, it should be fun he does a lot of nudes! 

Tomorrow is the last day on bikes, we should roll into Wien about 1 which will keep us ahead of the storms. I can’t believe how fast it’s going. So much fun though!! Prost till tomorrow!!

Bike day 5

What a day!! We rode 41 mikes but it seemed like 60!! Strong headwind all day, around 8 to 12 mph. Peter was a trooper and left us in the dust in the afternoon and eat us to Kremms. We have a day of rest here so we can relax and catch our breath.

For the last part of the day we went thru Wachau wine area. It is an amazing part of the country. There are hills up both sides of the river and field after field of grapes. There are about 7 towns all pretty much connected and many wineries throughout. So far it’s been a wonderful journey!

Peace out…..

Bike day 4

We made it to Ybbs, long day 40 miles and upper 70’s. Just settled in @ our penzion. Looks like an early nite as we have another long day tomorrow. Seems like a very sleepy town. We are having a pint then off to explore. We saw a lot of beautiful scenery again and took 2 more radfahre ( bike ferry ) trips. We go from one side of the river to the other often as there are many towns on each side and lots of sights to see. Very different from last years trip where we were on mostly one side.

Bike day 3

Wow!!! Beautiful day…73 n sunny…weather god’s w/me again!! Rode 29 mikes with big stop in Mauthausen to go thru concentration camp….hard to believe people can treat other people that way…over 90 thousand died!

We are staying in Enns Austria 2nite. Beautiful old town square. Having drinks and eating before wine, cheese, and fresh strawberries on our balcony.  Love to all reading this post. PROST!!

Linz and Enns

There wasn’t much wifi in Linz so posting from Enns. Linz was great. Nice little place to stay with a flower garden and a beer garden. We didn’t spend much time there though. On arrival we found a beer and music festival about two blocks from our place. Spent a few hours there listening to American blues music done by a local band. Amazing talent. Blues Buddies. Met a couple brewers too. In the evening we went to a wine/jazz place, Maria’s. They didn’t have smoking which was great as most people here smoke. Walking back to our rooms there was another music fest. This time old school music. Again American classics. We stopped on a Cuban restaurant/bar for a snack of chili con carne and a beer. The food was great and another no smoking place.

This morning we had breakfast at a local bakery and stopped at a farm market in the plaza. We had a fairly short ride 15 or so miles to Mauthausen  where the is a WW II concentration camp memorial. Very intense. From there we went to Enns for tonight’s stay. Our hotel rooms have separate bedrooms, very large shower, and bath. All for the cost of Red Roof.

Bike day 2


It was another great day. We rode thru mostly rural area’s along the river. We stopped in Ottenschein and had desserts and saw a brewery. They were making beer but we couldn’t sample any as it was a holiday and they weren’t open. We arrived in Linz and found our Penzion was a block away from a beer and music festival!! What are the odds??  We’ve ridden about 63 mikes so far with a short day tomorrow . We make our way towards Enns with a long stop in Mauthausen to see the concentration camp.


Bike day 1

We left Passau about 10 am after breakfast @ local Backeri . Cloudy but mild, in the low 60’s all day. Shortly out of town it turned very scenic. We enjoyed one of the best rides we’ve ever taken. There were quite a few riders on the trail going both ways. We were passed by a group of women who had jackets that read “Franken maids on tour”. Had lunch after taking ferry ride across river at very nice restaurant. We arrived in Aschach at 430 or so and had pints outside by the river. Awesome day!!

As you can see, Marty’s still with us and hanging out with Mermaids….